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Welcome to the next generation of primary medical care.

We Made Primary Care Personal.

Now we're taking Personal Care Virtual...

Virtual medicine systems have always been at the core of Direct Primary Care. Over the past year, Bend Care has been investing in the highest quality and most secure, efficient, and consumer friendly virtual care systems available.

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest product GOcare. In addition to the Bend Care clinic based subscription model that is already available, we are excited to release our new subscription based Virtual Primary Care product, GOcare!

At half the price of the full clinic based memberships, we believe we can bring higher quality virtual primary care to far more members of our community during this trying time.

To learn more about GOcare, or to sign up online in minutes follow this link → GO Virtual.

How Personal Primary Care Works

How Primary Care Works video

We Make Primary Care Personal...

  • Progressive Health Care

    Bend Care is a progressive health care model for individuals, families, and employer groups that desire direct access to their doctor for a set monthly membership fee.

  • Access From Virtually Anywhere

    Bend Care provides secure messaging and virtual visits so that you can access your doctor from virtually anywhere. And if you need to schedule an office visit Bend Care also provides you same day or next day visits in a private, appointment only office without busy waiting rooms.

  • Unlimited Access

    At Bend Care you get unlimited access, extended appointment times, and personal attention in an innovative setting where your doctor works for you, not your insurance company...and all this for a set price that you can count on.

Meet Our Team

Dr. JB Warton

Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Jennifer (JB) Warton chose medicine because she believed in her father, the profession, and the honor to make a difference for patients and their families. Dr. Warton truly believes that in the current medical model, we are losing the most essential part of medicine; the doctor patient relationship. As a mother of three boys and an advocate for children, Dr. Warton believes that there is a better model of healthcare. She believes that there is a better model for primary care. Direct Primary Care is a solution to break down the barriers and to repair the doctor patient relationship.

Dr. Charles Penick

Family Medicine

Dr. Charles Penick is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who utilizes a tailored approach to care for the whole family. He is passionate about setting the trajectory for a strong and healthy life during childhood and promoting true vitality for each member of the family. He has a sincere desire to preserve the heart of medicine by upholding the importance of the physician-patient partnership in a journey towards better health.

What our patients have to say...

I secure-messaged my doctor today while I was self-isolating, and he offered a virtual visit and was able to diagnose my medical condition correctly over the phone, and I did not need to come into the office. This was all under the guidance of my personal provider who knows me and my medical history. I can't say enough about Bend Care and GOcare, especially is this current pandemic. This is truly a game changer in the medical system.

Kevin H.

"My Bend Care doctor sat down and actually talked to me. I felt welcomed and got my confidence back. I will never take my son anyplace else.”

Emily S.

“After five years of struggling with a complicated and frustrating medical condition where it seemed no one heard me or understood what was going on, I finally found a doctor who listened. I will be forever grateful to Bend Care for giving me my life back.”

Michelle H.

“I feel like this is the first time in my adult life I've been able to develop a satisfying doctor – patient relationship.  My Bend Care Direct Doctor took a deeper interest and involvement in my healthcare and it has truly made the difference.”

Sara F.

“I am a local professional and I travel for work.  I love the Direct Care model because I frequently need access to a health care provider and don’t have time to be stuck in the traditional health care system on “hold.” I now have access to my local provider who knows me, my health history, and I have 24/7 access no matter where I am in the world!  Bend Care has been a life saver for me and my family!”

James K.

Retainer Based Practice Disclosures for Existing or Prospective Members
  • Bend Care is not insurance.
  • Bend Care provides a specified scope of services that are included in the Retainer Medical Agreement.
  • Bend Care members must pay for additional services not specified in the Retainer Medical Agreement.
  • Bend Care offers 30 day cancellation at any time, and refunds are provided within 30 days of termination.

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