Frequently Asked Questions About Bend Care

Frequently Asked Questions About Bend Care

Direct Primary Care is an innovative new way to provide primary care to families and individuals. Our belief is that the relationship between the doctor and patient has been broken, and our goal is to realign that relationship in order to provide better care, and create healthier happier families. Bend Care works for you, not your insurance company. By paying a low monthly fee, you will receive the kind of personal attention and care from your physician that traditional medical practices simply cannot offer anymore.

1. We have a virtual primary care membership called GOcare. Membership to GOcare gets you almost immediate access to a board certified internal medicine, family practice physician, or pediatrician via our secure messaging and tele-health system called Spruce. You can reach your physican from almost anywhere in the world, and other than your monthly membership, there are never any additional fees for contacting your physician at GOcare.

2. Bend Care also has a private, appointment only clinic in Bend, Oregon. A membership to Bend Care provides everything in GOcare, plus the ability to come into a private, appointment only office in NW Crossing for no additional copay, or office visit fees...ever.

Being a member of Bend Care means you'll have 24/7 access to your doctor via phone, email, text, or virtual visit. And you'll be able to see a doctor you know &emdash; not some other doctor you've never met &emdash; for unlimited sick visits, well-child visits and/or annual exams as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics or the American Board of Family Physicians, including age-appropriate developmental screenings, annual exams, and personalized healthcare plan visits.

You'll also get:

  • In-house labs such as Rapid Strep Test and Urinalysis
  • House calls when you can't easily leave home as deemed necessary by the doctor
  • Unlimited access to your primary care doctor
  • Unhurried office visits
  • Comprehensive preventive care
  • Diagnosis and management of chronic conditions including: diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol/blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, and many others
  • After hours visits as deemed necessary by the doctor
  • Help navigating the ER/Urgent Care
  • Access to limited medications directly from our office, not the pharmacy

Yes! Bend Care has both family practice and pediatrics so that we can provide care for all stages of life.

No. Bend Care does not take insurance for physician related fees. Unfortunately this does include Medicare, Medicaid, and the Oregon Health Plan. However, the good news is that we provide all of our services for a flat monthly fee. That means no co-pays, no co-insurance and no deductibles...ever.

Yes we do have tips on insurance! Although Bend Care does not accept insurance, the Bend Care model is ideal for families with no insurance or with high deductible plans because the membership fee covers most of your medical services and needs, making insurance secondary. Though we urge families to maintain their health insurance, we also understand that there are families who, for many reasons, may choose to go without. Bend Care offers an invaluable service for those families, offering a higher quality of care and saving money.

In addition, the rapid growth of medical cost sharing organizations over the last several years are a great alternative for those who do not want, cannot afford, or are simply fed up with traditional insurance plans. Many of these organizations work extremely well as a wrap-around solution for covering unexpected, or even catastrophic illnesses or injuries that can't be appropriately treated in a primary care setting like Bend Care.

Upon joining Bend Care, the doctor will meet with you to get your complete health history on record. Bend Care loves kids, adolescents, and adults, and our practice includes children and adults with all abilities including those with special healthcare needs. Dr. Warton has a special interest in pediatric asthma.

Thankfully, most people are healthy. That doesn't mean, however, that things don't come up in life. We all get sick or hurt when we're least suspecting it or when it's most inconvenient, like when you're traveling, or in the middle of the night. Membership to Bend Care is inexpensive when compared to emergency room visits and provides you with the assurance that when something does come up, you or your child will be taken care of expediently and in a personal manner from a doctor you know and trust.

If you are hospitalized, we will coordinate with your inpatient hospital team and arrange for close follow up after your discharge from the hospital. This creates a seamless transition to prevent you from returning to the hospital.

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