What is GOcare?

GOcare is direct primary care medicine without the office. Part of being happy and healthy is knowing that you have a provider that can answer your medical questions, when you need them answered. As a GOcare Virtual Primary Care member, you still have a practice that knows you, and your medical history, and that is accessible to you 24 hours a day, from virtually anywhere in the world.

GOcare is a virtual doctors office in your hand, for someone who doesn't need or use office visits very often, or perhaps they travel so frequently that a traditional doctors office is just not feasible for them to access when they actually need it. With GOcare, you now have the same time, attention, quality, and 24/7 accessibility to your health care provider that our any of our Care Direct offices can provide, even if you do not live nearby one of our clinics.

How does GOcare work?

GOcare members pay a 1 time registration fee, and then a low monthly "subscription" fee for their membership to the virtual primary care practice. GOcare members pay no additional copays in order to access our providers via our secure app on your phone, or your computer.

Who can sign up for GOcare?

GOcare is 100% virtual, so that means that you can register for GOcare online without needing to make an appointment, with no wait-times, and without leaving the comfort of your home or office. With the introduction of GOcare, members no longer have to live near one of our physical clinics to have the convenience and peace of mind that having Direct Primary Care provides. Even if you're not near one of our clinics, you can become a member of GOcare and have unlimited access to your provider via secure messaging or virtual visits.

provides the most up to date information on what states GOcare can currently operate in. As of March 31st, we can operate in 16 states, and we are expecting that list to increase to as many as 29 states within the next week or so. Please see the attached document to determine if your home state is on that list.

As many of you know, our medical licensing and virtual medicine regulations are changing by they day, and we will update the list on our website with the most updated information we are aware of, but it is neither an exhaustive list nor an authoritative document.

How is GOcare different from other telemedicine options?

Other telemedicine programs offer you virtual access to a provider, but not one that knows you and your medical history, that knows about that pesky cough you get every winter...and knows exactly what treatment will get you back on your feet. GOcare isn't just a doc in a box, it's PERSONAL virtual medicine.

How do I sign up for GOcare?

It's easy...registration for GOcare is simple to do online and can be done in just a few minutes. Once you have completed the online registration (which should take you no more than 10 minutes), one of the Bend Care Team Members will reach out to you to set up your initial virtual visit, as well as confirm that your Patient/Physician communication app is set up and working properly. SIGN UP HERE

How long will it take for me to be able to speak with a GOcare provider?

Once your registration is confirmed, one of our physicians will contact you as soon as possible to set up at time to connect with you. It is possible that from the time you begin filling out your registration forms, you may be on the phone with one of our physicians in as little as 30-45 minutes. However, depending on the time of day you call it could take longer than that particularly if you registered online during the hours that the clinic is closed.

However, once you are an established patient, you can contact your provider through our secure messaging and virtual visit application on your phone or computer 24 hours a day. We try to respond to all calls within 30 minutes, but there are circumstances where your call back could be closer to an hour. Again, if you are experiencing a medical emergency, please do not call Bend Care's physician on call. You should go to your nearest emergency, or urgent care clinic.

If you are interested in signing up for GOcare right now, SIGN UP HERE

GOcare - is a 100% virtual primary care offering. As valuable as virtual care is right now, it has its limitations. The primary limitations are that GOcare does not have a physical office, and so as a GOcare subscriber if our Bend Care docs believes that the patient needs to be seen in a clinic, the GOcare member will need to i) get a referral elsewhere, ii) pay a 1-time cash office visit fee to Bend Care, or they will need to upgrade their membership to the Bend Care Subscription.

Bend Care - retains all of the virtual primary care tools and systems that are present in GOcare. The primary difference is that Bend Care has a physical office that allows for subscription based office visits, certain procedures for no additional copays, or other unexpected charges. The Bend Care subscription also provides the patient access to medications that our physicians can dispense from our clinic (instead of having the individual or family drive to the pharmacy to pick up their medication).

GOcare includes 24/7 access to your medical providers, and no additional costs for telephone calls, emails, virtual visits, or even fees related to the calling in of prescriptions. Our complete "Terms of Service" for GOcare can be found [HERE]

GOcare includes 24/7 access to your medical providers, and no additional costs for telephone calls, emails, virtual visits, or even fees related to the calling in of prescriptions. Our complete "Terms of Service" for GOcare can be found [HERE]

All communication within Bend Care runs though a system called "Spruce". The Spruce Health app is available on both iOS, as well as Android. This is one of the primary tools that keeps our patient data safe, and it is very important that ALL of your communication with your provider at Bend Care is done through Spruce.

If you have registered for GOcare or Bend Care, you should already have a Spruce account set up. If for some reason you do not, or you need assistance completing that setup, please reach out to us.

Lastly, if you are having some kind of an issue with your phone or the Spruce application, you may also reach your doctor by calling, (or texting) our main practice phone number at (541) 213-5046 or by going to our website at bendcaredirect.com and you will find a method to reach your provider via Spruce from our website homepage.

The current list of states GOcare is licensed to operate in are: Arizona, California, Oregon, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Tennessee.